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Peter Pagano

Peter started in the theatre in 1985, when he used to drive his daughter to rehearsals and performances of the The King and I at The Evening Dinner Theatre in Elmsford.  He also did a few stints at the Wakefield Theatre as a youngster, giving a sterling performance as an annoying child who drove the house lady to drink.  When he is not wearing ladies clothing, Pete is a Revenue Analyst for the U.S. Postal Service in Flushing and is known to occasionally conduct revenue audits as his alter ego, Patricia Pennywacker.  As far as dressing up in ladies clothes, the shoes are the biggest hurdle.  He wears a women’s size 7 shoe, but a men’s size 11 feels soooooo good!


Play On!: Carpenter

Murder Medium Rare: Detective Hank Miranda

Godspell: Set Builder