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Robert Mulroy

Robert is an attorney by trade with a love for theater. He has performed with theater groups in the Bronx, Westchester, Connecticut, and Manhattan, including a number of shows here with CITG. Favorite roles include Greg in Sylvia, Donnie Dubrow in American Buffalo, and Attorney Stevens in Night of January 16th. He is also a writer; his works include the full-length play "An Honest Dollar" and the one-act plays "Set for Life", "The Trouble Today", and "Sonny and Susan on the One". Some short stories include "Whiskey Down", "That Autumn Light", "The Artist", and "After Dinner". Robert was last seen on this stage in CITG’s fabulous production of Evita. Thanks to Nic Calabro and Nick Sala for allowing me to be part of this great production.


Festival of One Act Plays 2002 - Harvey:  Harvey, Madeline & May

                                                Mr. Cratchett:  Opening Pandora's Box

                                                Voice:  Sorry Wrong Number

Sylvia: Greg

Night of January 16: Defense Attorney Stevens

The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940: Ken De La Maize

The Dining Room: Client, Russell, Michael, Brewster, Grandfather, Stuart, Gordon, Standish, Host

Festival of One Act Plays 2009 - Gerry Morgan:  An Unmade Bed

                                                Jack:  Naked Mole Rats in the World of Darkness

                                                Playwright:  Set for Life

Night Watch:  Curtis Appleby

And Then There Were None:  Dr. Edward Armstrong

Evita:  Ensemble 

The Diary of Anne Frank:  Otto Frank 


Board Member 2002 - 2003

Secretary 2004