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Play On!

By Rick Abbot

Directed by Michael Shiffer 


Violet/Diana Lassiter - Margaret Cioffi
Polly/Lady Margaret - Tee Cotter
Phillip - Jerry Demers
Smitty/Doris the Maid - Katie Flynn
Henry/Lord Dudley - Con Grondahl
Louis - F. Marshall Hill
Aggie - Kathleen Lanicci
Geri - Eileen Marcus
Billy/Stephen Sellers - Scott-Robert Shenkman
Saul/Dr. Rex Forbes - Frank Siciliano
Producers: Miriam & Joe Nixon
Stage Manager: Ed Zupko
Set Design & Art Work: Dorothy Muccio
Costumes: Carol McCabe
Assistant Stage Manager: Robert Cavinee
Costume Assistant: Carole Sullivan
Electrician: Jerry Sloboda
Assistant Electrician: Joyce Sloboda
Carpenter: Peter Pagano
Lighting Technician: Phillip Dolensek

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