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Michael Shiffer

Michael returns to the CITG to direct its second production.  Michael’s interest in theatre began at the age of six, when he concussed himself falling off a chinning bar.  He acted his way through school and discovered directing in 1974, when his high school production of Happy Birthday, Wanda June was banned (by no less than the superintendent of Scarsdale schools) for obscenity.  Unfazed, Michael produced it at the Emelin Theatre, sinking his life savings into the effort, where it disappeared without a trace.  This descent into notoriety, daring and insolvency set the pattern for his subsequent theatrical endeavors.  He majored in theatre in college until his brain was taken over by aliens who forced him to go to work in a Ferrari dealership as a mechanic.  Escaping with permanent damage, he formed a puppet theatre troupe with his wife and several other short young women.  Whittled down to three humans and one hundred eighteen puppets, The Rod and the Rose Puppet Theatre performed around the New York area, earning the distinction of Earliest Risers at the New York Renaissance Fair three years in a row.  During this time, he and his wife worked as caretakers for a pair of retired actresses.  They taught Michael the two cardinal rules of life in theatre:  come from an extravagantly wealthy family, and have a fallback career.  Not able to count on the former, Michael relied on the latter, working on cars when the caretaking job ended.  In spite of this he has maintained an active interest in theatre and, like every born director, enjoys telling everybody he knows where to go.  He is endured by his wife, Amy, and tolerated by his two children:  Isis, who is stage-struck; and Elijah, who is currently a snipe named Sammy Soap.


Play On!: Director

The Foreigner: Director & Charlie