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An Inspector Calls

By J.B. Priestly

Directed by Lawrence Paska


Sybil Birling - Kathleen Cullen
Eric Birling - Jason Fogarty
Arthur Birling - Con Grondahl
Gerald Croft - Christopher McGowan
Edna - Stephanie Miano
Inspector Goole - Nicolas Perugini
Sheila Birling - Susan Rauh
Set Design: Dorothy Muccio
Lighting & Sound: Michelle Accardi
Make-Up: Margaret Cioffi
Photographer: Rick DeWitt
Costumes: Norma Kerner, Carol McCabe & Carole Sullivan
Production Managers: Carol McCabe & Nicholas Sala
Special Thanks to CITG’s volunteers, Rev. H. Douglas Coleman, the Vestry of Grace Church, William G. Yehle, Jr., and George.

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