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Festival of One Act Plays

By Eileen Moushey


Bedtime Story by Sean O’Casey
Directed by Eileen Marcus

Doctor - Andrew Blackman
Angela - Antonette Boiano
Mulligan - William Castro
Miss Mossie - Denise Finelli
Halibut - Frank Siciliano

The Monkey’s Paw by W.W. Jacobs
Directed by Con Grondahl

Roger White - Jerry Demers
Dora White - Jo Heck
Tommy White - Louis Ignarro
Captain Nigel Morris - Scott-Robert Shenkman

The Ugly Duckling by A.A. Milne
Directed by Patrick Mahoney

King - William Castro
Dulcibella - Aleanbh (Alana) Cox
Carlo - James Cox
Queen - Alexa Fraser
Chancellor - Beth Higgins
Prince - Louis Ignarro
Princess Camilla - Elizabeth Paldino

Incident by David Campton
Directed by Joseph Nixon

Miss Brown - Antonette Boiano
Miss Smith - Margaret Cioffi
Mrs. Blake - Rena Hansen
Miss Jones - Beth Higgins
Shirley Robinson - Alicja Nowacka

Stage Manager: Nicholas Sala
Producer: Carol McCabe
Set Design & Art Work: Dorothy Muccio
Carpenters: Con Grondahl & Walter Mercury
Wardrobe Mistresses: Norma Kerner & Carole Sullivan
Make-Up: Laury E. Hopkins
Sound & Lighting: Miriam Benitez-Nixon
Photographer: Nick Sala
Stage Hand: Ben Marcus
Concession Stand: CI Girl Scouts

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