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You Can't Take it With You

By Moss Hart & George S. Kaufman

Directed by Madeline Balmaceda


Mrs. Kirby - Miriam Benitez-Nixon
Rheba - Antonette Boiano
Mr. Kirby - William Castro
Paul Sycamore - John Costello
Penelope Sycamore - Tee Cotter
Martin Vanderhof - Dennis DeLeo
Boris Kolenkhov - Jerry Demers
Olga - Annmarie Flannery
Tony Kirby - Jason Fogarty
Donald - Michael Gilbert
Ed - Ray Guerra
Mr. De Pinna - Bob Livingston
Gay Wellington - Natalie O’Connell
Essie - Susan Rauh
Alice - Cori-Ann Roublick
The Man - Frank Siciliano
Jay - Frank Siciliano, Jr.
Jim - Tom Smith
Henderson - Thomas Taffe
Production Managers: Joe & Miriam Nixon
Stage Manager: Nicholas Sala
Assistant Stage Manager: Amanda Livingston
Stage Hand: Ben Marcus
Musical Accompianist: Marvin Salzberg
Set Design & Artwork: Dorothy Muccio
Sound & Lighting: Beth Higgins & Emilio Soto
Carpenters: Gary DeLeo, Con Grondahl & Emilio Soto
Helper: Brittany DeLeo
Wardrobe: Cast, Ethel Lott & Carol McCabe
Make-Up: Laury E. Hopkins
House Committee: Eileen Marcus (manager), Mary Conefry, Dawn Williams, City Island Girl Scouts
Marketing Directors: Bill Donahue & Gabrielle Macari
Special Thanks to: Rev. H. Douglas Coleman, the Vestry of Grace Church, Brian Cawley (Electrical), Gary DeLeo (Props), & Tom Taffe (DePinna Painting)

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