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Steel Magnolias

By Robert Harling

Directed by Christopher McGowan


M'lynn - Patricia Alexander
Clairee - Carol Dooner
Ouiser - Eileen Fox
Annelle - Elizabeth Paldino
Shelby - Susan Rauh
Truvy - Julie White
Stage Manager: Barbara Dolensek
Stage Crew: Abby Adams & Tiernan Shanley 
Set Construction: John Byrne & Con Grondhal
Set Design: Christopher McGowan & Dorothy Muccio 
Costume Design: Norma Kerner & Carol McCabe 
Lighting & Sound: Susan Velcheck 
Co-Producers: Carol McCabe & Nick Sala
The Group will be dedicating the entire run of this production to the late Carole Sullivan, a beloved City Islander, friend and member of the City Island Theater Group.  Carole’s contributions to the group over the years have been imperative and she will certainly be missed.  It seems fitting that a show about strong women be dedicated to Carole, who herself was a strong woman. 

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