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To Kill a Mockingbird

Dramatized by Christopher Sergel
Based on the novel by Harper Lee

Directed by Eileen Marcus


Miss Maudie - Antonette Boiano
Tom Robinson - Kirkland Campbell      
Atticus Finch - William Castro               
Walter Cunningham Jr - Eddie Ciarletta              
Calpurnia - Crystal Cook                    
Judge Taylor - Jerry Demers                 
Scout - Emmy Lomurno             
Jem Finch - Benjamin Marcus        
Mr. Gilmer - T.J. Myers                         
Dill - Nader Nouraee              
Mrs. Dubose - Natalie O’Connell         
Heck Tate - Nicolas Perugini            
Mayella Ewell - Susan Rauh                     
Miss Stephanie - Miriam Schroeder       
Bob Ewell - Frank Siciliano              
Walter Cunningham, Sr./Link Deas/Boo Radley - Tom Smith                       
Production Managers: Miriam Benitez-Nixon & Norma Kerner
Stage Manager: Nicholas Sala
Set Design & Art Work: Dorothy Muccio
Sound & Lighting: Eddie Ciarletta
Carpenters: Dorothy Muccio, Nicholas Perugini & Emilio Soto
Wardrobe: Norma Kerner, Carole McCabe & Carole Sullivan
Make-Up: Laury E. Hopkins
Photographer/Video: Rick DeWitt
House Committee: Carol McCabe & City Island Girl Scouts
Marketing Director: Bill Donahue
Special Thanks to: Rev. H. Douglas Coleman, the Vestry of Grace Church & Moonlight Theatre

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