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Festival of One Act Plays


A Chance Meeting by Frederick Stroppel
Directed by Joy Arzaga

Randy - David Sevensky
George - Matthew Shirley
Pamela - Katrina Snyder

Acorn by David Graziano
Directed by Norma Kerner

Catherine Dinofrio - Margaret Cioffi
Vincent Bagarusso - T.J. Meyers

Countertalk by Nancy Dean
Directed by Penny Kines

Lily-Joe - Amanda Plant
Jim - Eric Lindh 


Harvey, Madeline and May
Written & Directed by Ellen Salzberg


May - Kimberly Hirschman
Harvey - Robert Mulroy
Mad - Lindy Tabano

Opening Pandora’s Box
Written & Directed by Michael Flanagan

Dr. Oppenheit - William Castro
Mrs. Olsen - Tee Cotter
Brad - Jason Fogarty
Mr. Howe - T.J. Myers
Mr. Cratchett - Robert Mulroy
Mr. Olse - George Paturas
Sara - Susan Rauh

Sorry, Wrong Number by Lucille Fletcher
Directed by Chris McGowan


Mrs. Stevenson - Kathleen Cullen
Voices - Tee Coter, Lisa Dunton, Robert Mulroy, T.J. Myers, George Paturas & Susan Rauh

The Geisha Next Door
Originally directed by Mira Kingsley
Written and Performed by Miki Yamashita


Production Managers: Carol McCabe & Nicholas Sala
Stage Manager: Nicholas Sala
Assistant Stage Manager: Maya Brand
Set Design & Art Work: Dorothy Muccio
Carpenter: George Paturas
Lights: Miriam Benitez-Nixon
Sound: Joe Nixon
Wardrobe: Carol McCabe & Carole Sullivan
Make-Up: Margaret Cioffi & Laury E. Hopkins
Photographer/Video: Rick DeWitt
House Committee: Carol McCabe
Marketing Director: Bill Donahue
Special Thanks to: CITG’s volunteers, Susan Hayes (for the diner props), Rev. H. Douglas Coleman & the Vestry of Grace Church

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